A shortfilm about deportation


The short film project YAMINA is a fictional social drama with a length of about 15 minutes. It originated in a master session at the Stuttgart Media University. The film production East End Film supported this project from the beginning of the financing phase as co-producer – a valuable partner with experience in successfully realizing short film productions.


The project's second co-production partner is the animation studio Flox, based in Stuttgart. Flox agreed to create the animations for the story around The Little Prince – a task they fulfilled with a passion for detail.


The film project YAMINA is inspired by the tragic events of a true story and tells an emotional and stirring story about family separation. It combines a life-action film with 2D-animation for the fable sequences. The script is based on detailed investigation and interviews with the police, the registration office for foreigners, the BAMF (the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees) and Refugees. Authenticity is an important matter to us and we keep the balance between realism and drama.


The film shooting took place in Summer 2016.





Almost every day you hear about catastrophic events involving refugees all over the world and also in Germany. At the end of 2015 about 800.000 people escaping their home country will try to find a safe place here to survive.


The more we researched about this topic the more we wanted to know these people and their stories. So we started looking for them.

In a small Afro shop we met a group of 20 Nigerians and presented our idea. Some of them told us their stories. But they didn't want pity. Despite the unimaginable tragic events they experienced, they went on, looking forward, kept fighting even if they were threatened by deportation.


“Yamina” did not want to tell the story of victims struck by fate. “Yamina” is about a Hero facing her fate and overcoming her fears for the love of her family and despite all injustice.




For two years Yamina is living with her Father Jamal and her little brother Nadir in Germany. In the evening of her 18th Birthday, Yamina is telling her Brother a fable: The Little Prince, from  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Nadir doesn't like the tragic ending and suggests a Happy End.


Later that night someone is knocking loudly on the door. It is the police. They want to deport Yamina. Right now, without her family. Even though her father is not yet back from his night shift.


Things run out of control and Yamina wants to make a dramatic decision. But then, seeing nadir standing in front of her, she remembers the Happy end he wanted for the fable. There should also be an Happy End for Yamina.



YAMINA (Corazon Herbsthofer)


is in 12th grade. She is good in school and popular with her teachers and classmates. She is very interested in the european culture, especially fables. She feels at home in Germany.

JAMAL (Elie James Blezes)


lived in Nigeria until his wife was killed in a bombing of the Boko Haram. His family is christian and his children are all he has left, so he flees to Germany.

NADIR (Gabriel R.)


has diabetes and is in 3rd grade.

He has got big goals in life and wants to become an engineer just like his father used to be. He and his sister are inseparable. For him she is a substitute for his mother and his best friend.


Our Team consists of experienced Master students and professional Filmmakers. Altogether there will be more than 25 people involved in the realization of this project.





Tobias Mrosek

master student HdM - EMM

Maria Schülke

master student HdM - EMM

Tommy Niessner

East End Film

Elaine Niessner

East End Film





Jens Spöri

freelance cameraman

Tim Peter

master student HdM - EMM

Florian Oettinger

Leithaus Filmproduction

Daniel Maier

master student HdM - EMM



Sebastian Zeeden

master student HdM - EMM

Tobias Betz

master student HdM - EMM


We would like to say THANK YOU to all our financial supportes so far. You are the reason why we are able to realise YAMINA:

Besides there are a lot of supporters who were and are involved in our (pre)production. Thank you, too!

refugees from different countries




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